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My Medical Home

Jupiter Family Medicine is a designated Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH). We lead a team of health care professionals who are committed to improving our patients overall health and helping them reach their health goals. Our care team works to keep patients healthy, monitoring their care on an ongoing basis. We coordinate their care using registries to track health conditions and to ensure they receive the care they need.

One key part of the PCMH is first contact and comprehensive care.  When you are sick or in need of health care services, please call us first and we will help you to get the services that you need, including referrals for Community Resources if necessary.  If we can not provide the care that you need here in our office, we will help you get access to what you need.  Our goal is to provider you with same day appointments for urgent problems.  Our providers are available 24 hours a day by pager.

Patient involvement and personal responsibility are part of the PCMH.  We want to help you to become more educated and involved about your care.  Studies have shown that when patients become more involved with their care, they can achieve better health outcomes. 

The Patient-Physician Partnership for Jupiter Family Medicine

The health and wellness of our patients is a top concern of Jupiter Family Medicine. Providing the best possible care to every patient is our primary goal. The only way we can meet this goal is if we, your providers,  along with you, our patient, work together. This concept is called the Patient Centered Medical Home. We would like you to think of  Jupiter Family Medicine  as your ‘Home’ – the first place you think of for all of your medical and/or healthcare needs.

Patient Responsibilities

  • Ask questions, share your feelings and be part of your care.
  • Be honest about your history, symptoms, and other important information about your health.
  • Tell your provider about any changes in your health and wellbeing.
  • Take all of your medicines and follow your provider’s advice.
  • Make healthy decisions about your daily habits and lifestyles.
  • Prepare for and keep scheduled visits or reschedule visits in advance whenever possible.
  • Call our office first with all problems, unless it is a medical emergency. 
  • End every visit with a clear understanding of your provider’s expectations, treatment goals, and future plans.

Provider Responsibilities

  • Explain diseases, treatments, and results in an easy-to-understand way.
  • Listen to my patients’ feelings and questions to help them make decisions about their care.
  • Keep treatments, discussions and records private.
  • Provide 24 hour access to medical care and same day appointments, whenever possible.
  • Provide instruction on how to meet your health care needs when the office is not open.
  • To care for you to the best of my abilities based on my understanding of current medical methods available.
  • Give my patients clear directions about medicines and other treatments.
  • Send my patients to trusted experts, if needed.
  • We will help you get the services you need, including referrals for Community Resources, if needed.
  • End every visit with clear instructions about expectations, treatment goals, and future plans.